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We call ourselves a “Mind, Body, Spirit, Emporium” We are to many of our customers considered essential to living and being in their life in a holistic way…mindful and balanced. Very important at this time. We offer a range of sage and herbs an incense for clearing and for ceremony. We offer many botanicals and health and beauty items that are different and hard to find. Of course we offer much more, but at this time I am focusing on the essentials. We are taking phone and email orders. We have a lot of sage…all different varieties and mixed bundles. This is a great time to burn sage in and around your home. As sage and other herbs provide properties that are antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. We should be smudging. It is a way to offer our love and prayers with intention to our country and to the world as we each confront this new reality of separation from each other. As we confront something we never imagined would happen. Smudging also helps us to keep negative thinking at bay and helps us to feel more balanced. The only control we have right now is the decisions we make to be and stay healthy. To continue our spirit guided routines and practices. We want to be able to help with that.

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Media, PA 19063
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